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Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. provides a variety of services including custom hauling, custom operations, storage, and forage analysis.


Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. is a logistic company that provides a wide range of flat deck trailer services operating across Western Canada as well as Washington, Idaho and Montana. Our trailer fleet includes: 

  • super “B” grain trailers

  • step deck super “B”s

  • triaxle

  • hydraulic pushoff

  • hydraulic RGN.

With a large fleet of heavy haulage trucks, backed by a dedicated team of drivers, Vandenberg Hay Farms Ltd. has the capability to serve your flat deck hauling needs from LTL pieces to heavy hauler, multi-load contracts.

What we haul:

  • all types of hay and straw

  • general deck freight

  • lumber

  • rigmats

  • agricultural equipment

  • construction equipment.

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