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What is it?

A complete temperature monitoring system for stored baled hay.


The AGL Sensor allows you to monitor the temperature of your stored hay in real time.

Stay in control of the quality of your stored hay and stay safe.

How It Works

  1. Insert your AGL Sensors in the bales. Spread them in different locations of the warehouse.

  2. The router includes an LTE data plan which allows a wireless internet connection*.

  3. The captured temperatures are sent to the AGL server via the cellular towers.

  4. You can view your bales temperature in real time and receive alerts on your mobile device with the AGL 360 application.

*For warehouses without electricity supply,
a Solar Panel with battery and control panel is available. This is needed to supply the power to the router.


Using the AGL Sensors allows an active management of your stored hay.

AGL Sensor Advantages


You know all the time what is going on in your warehouses.


Act at the firsts sings of temperature increase.


Have an eye on your hay, wherever you are, with the AGL 360 application.


Prevent fires due to spontaneous combustion with real time temperature monitoring and high temperature notifications.

Do not rely only on your good fortune.
Watch your hay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the AGL Sensors.

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